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Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP 1
Product ID: 074101162516
Manufacturer: Fujifilm
Mfr #: SP-1
Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP 1 Discounts Apply !
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Price: $138.95

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The INSTAX SHARE SP-1 Printer lets customers print mobile photos instantly from their smart phone or tablet, anywhere, anytime. The INSTAX SHARE SP-1 acts as its own Wi-Fi hotspot, and works with both is and Android to get you instant film prints from any picture stored on your device. Using the INSTAX SHARE SP-1 is fun and easy. With the user-friendly INSTAX Share App available on both is and Android, it’s a snap to print pictures with just a couple of taps on your device.

There is also a wide range of unique editing functions and templates to let users get creative with their smartphone images and INSTAX mini film. The INSTAX SHARE SP-1 can also print “real time” information on the film prints, including date and time, location and weather conditions. The INSTAX SHARE SP-1 is compact and stylish, and it has two green LED indicators - one that shows remaining film and one that displays battery status. The INSTAX SHARE SP-1 uses widely-availableINSTAX mini film that is ISO 800 speed, and produces sharp, clear images with vivid color and natural skin tones in a print that is 2" x 3" - perfect for parties, events and creative projects.

For more information about the instax SHARE SP-1 Smartphone Printer, click here.
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