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Mel Pierce Camera & Digital
5645 Hollywood blvd.
Hollywood, CA

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Kirsten P. - 24th June 2013

Love your store, customer service and deals!!!

J. C. Spaulding - 16th April 2013
I'm very glad I found Mel Pierce Camera through Amazon. I've just begun shooting film after several years of shooting digital and Mel Pierce seems to have one of the very best selections of quality films in a variety of formats which are very difficult for me to access locally. 
Their turn-around time has been outstanding and they always keep me informed as to the progress of my orders along with my orders being perfectly accurate. All around, it has been a most pleasurable experience and I hope they can remain my supplier for many years to come. 

Sincerely ~ J. C. Spaulding - Sonoma County, CA.

Bill - 22nd December 2012

Great first-time experience! Camera is super. Thank you for the camera case & memory card, which I was not expecting. Have been looking for someone in California for camera equipment(rather than New York). Will definitely order again!

from Yelp

Photo of Joe M.

San Fernando Valley, CA

5.0 star rating
 4/5/2013 2 Check-ins Here

This camera shop has it all!  One of the salespeople named Kamran is AWESOME!  Kamran took care of me from the beginning, and REALLY knows his stuff.  I was looking to upgrade my digital SLR camera and debating between two different models.  Kamran showed me a different one (albeit, slightly more expensive too), but one which suited my needs, and didn't break my bank.  In addition, Kamran found the lowest price anywhere (including the internet), AND matched it!!!  

I was always hesitant buying product from the big box stores because they don't always know the products' ins and outs, and pros and cons.  I was glad to come to Mel Pierce to buy my new camera, especially with sales people like Kamran, who make it so comfortable.  Definitely one of my new "man caves".

updated April 10, 2012

from YELP, David M.

5.0 star rating

These guys are AMAZING!  

I was recently in the market for a new digital camera and happened by Mel's on my way to a local coffee shop.  I wasn't expecting much, but I figured "What the heck."  Perhaps I could save myself the headache of driving across town to one of the large chain stores.

I already knew the specific camera I wanted and the lowest price I could find it for on-line.  Low and behold, they not only had it (plenty of them) and were already selling it at the most competitive price-point available (minus shipping costs)!

They also had a very nice selection of accessories, so I picked out a carrying case as well.

But I haven't even got to the amazing part yet...

The day after I bought it I took my shiny new camera to a party where a friend of a friend (who had had a little more to drink than I realized) fumbled and dropped it right on the telescoping lense, rendering my brand new camera useless.

So the next day I take it back to Mel's, thinking there was a 1 in 20 chance they'd be willing or able to help me.  It certainly wasn't their fault or problem, nor was it the manufacturer's.  But again to my astonishment, they not only got it back to me in a state indistinguishable from the day I bought it, but they refused to accept any payment for the trouble!

Try finding that kind of service at any of the big box retailers or on-line.  (Hint: You won't.)

As long as this place is in business (and based on their ratings, that'll be a LONG time) they will be my one-stop shop for all my photographic needs!

Keep these guys in business!

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